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Major Nutrients

• These nutrients are required by plants in greater quantities than are other nutrients.

• These include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulphur (S) and calcium (Ca).

• Plants require more N than any other nutrient, and pastures often respond well to N-containing fertilisers like urea during the growing season.

• Fortunately, clover and Lucerne plants can ‘fix’ N from the air, so clover-containing pastures require less N fertiliser than other pastures.

• Levels of the other major nutrients (P, K, S and Ca) can be assessed by soil testing.

• P is the most commonly-deficient nutrient in Hills & Fleurieu pastures, and levels can be improved by applying fertilisers like superphosphate and DAP.

• K is often deficient on sandy soils, or in paddocks regularly cut for hay.  Levels can be improved by applying fertilisers containing muriate of potash.

• S deficiencies are less common, but again can be rectified with superphosphate fertilisers.

Trace Nutrients

• These nutrients required by plants in only very small (or trace) amounts.

• These include copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), molybdenum (Mo), manganese (Mn) and cobalt (Co).

• Although less common than major nutrient deficiencies, Cu and Mo can commonly be lacking in Hills pastures.

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