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Managing For Strong Pastures - The Mount Compass Area School ‘Focus Farm’

• A fantastic local demonstration of effective pasture management can be found at the Mount Compass Area School Focus Farm, located just south of the Mount Compass township.

• This farm involves 19ha of pasture land used for beef & cattle grazing.

• For many years, this land involved degraded pastures growing on infertile soil with little grazing control.  It was estimated that these pastures provided only around 4 tonnes/ha of grazing each year.

• But the Farm was redeveloped from 2002;

- the number of main grazing paddocks increased from 4 to 16, for more intensive block grazing,

- half of the paddocks began receiving extra fertiliser inputs, to ensure adequate soil fertility

- several paddocks were reseeded to new pasture mixes.

• The productivity of pastures was monitored over the subsequent four years.
• The results show undeniably how block grazing and adequate soil fertility were the key issues for increasing pasture productivity at Mt.Compass.

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