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Appropriate Grazing Management

• Correct grazing will allow desirable grasses and clovers grow to their potential and reduce the impact of weeds in pastures.

• Landowners should be aware that pastures can be damaged through over-grazing AND under-grazing. 

• For new landowners, the local NRM Board’s Land Management Advisers can provide guidelines for appropriate stocking rates for different districts in the Hills & Fleurieu Peninsula.

• Beyond that, other grazing guidelines include;

- develop several paddocks for each group of livestock, so pastures can alternately be grazed and then rested from grazing regularly during the growing season.

- Ideally, adjust grazing patterns so that pasture sward height is kept between 5 and 20 cm.

- To help achieve this, adjust stocking rates and mating patterns so that stocking rates are maximized during the spring period.

- Selected paddocks can be locked up for hay making each spring, but aim to use different paddocks from one year to the next.

- Adjust stocking over summer to maintain at least 70% groundcover.


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